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We promote and market your brand.

Veiga Entertainment, the total network and special event marketing brand, is widely known for its contributions and roles in unique branding, marketing, radio hosting, music distribution and promotional direction. A respected booking agent and promoter for the underground and independent music industry, clients have included, but are not limited to DJ's, models, major label representatives, musical and live entertainment.

Veiga Entertainment is known for the showcases and open mic events which have attracted artists from all genres. Providing a platform for artist to perform on and assisting in their growth to reach new levels has had a huge impact on the Independent market. Veiga Entertainment thrives on Social internet marketing reaching many.

Veiga Entertainment participates in community-based events such as Annual school supply drives, box top programs, Toys for Tots, Ronald McDonald House, breast cancer awareness benefits, 1Lyfe suicide prevention education, can and coat drives.

Veiga Promotions & Entertainment amplifies its clients through its unique approach to marketing and advertisement. We stand as a platform catering to our clients; stimulating growth. Our strong web-based network and undeniable level of respect from the music industry easily sets us apart from alike companies.

- Veiga Entertainment "The Network"

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OUR Discography


Release Year: 2017


Release Year: 2012

'SG2' was released on Veiga's birthday April 20, 2012.
The project 'Street Games 2 -The 420 Edition, is a spin off from The Commitment to the Game project.

Love Games vs. Street Games: The Street Side

Release Year: 2011

'Commitment to the Game' followed in 2011 as a double release project symbolizing the two sides of the Industry.
'Love Games vs. Street Games' represented the home and private side.
'Street Games Vs. Love Games' represented the street life and public side of the Industry life.

Love Games vs. Street Games: The Love Side

Release Year: 2011

'Commitment to the Game' followed in 2011 as a double release project symbolizing the two sides of the Industry.
'Love Games vs. Street Games' represented the home and private side.
'Street Games Vs. Love Games' represented the street life and public side of the Industry life.

Love Games

Release Year: 2010

'Love Games' released in 2010 featured songs of R&B and Hip Hop genre.
The subject of the release focused on love and relationships from an Indie point of view.


At the heart of Vane Awdis lies a poet. His rhymes detail the struggles of daily life, relationships, and the path you walk to become something from nothing. He expresses with clarity the wisdom that he's unearthed, and speaks to every emotion encountered along the way.

Having always been poetically inclined, his creative storytelling naturally evolved into music-making fifteen years ago. His poems turned into rap and hip-hop tracks; true stories of love, hate, and everything in between. Vane recorded his first mixtape "On My Way To Find Myself" in three hours, on a ten dollar computer microphone and Sony Acid Pro 4.0, having recorded ten mixtapes since, professionally which can be downloaded FREE on Datpiff.com

Of Puerto Rican descent, Vane was raised in Woodbridge, VA. Seeing artists such as Selena and Eminem become success stories, having come from nothing and transforming themselves into musical superstars, Vane was inspired to make something of himself. Influenced by the hip-hop sounds of his youth, his music has been shaped by the likes of Tech N9ne, Chino XL, Tory Lanez, Eminem, and Joe Budden.

Working as an audio engineer and recording artist Vane has been a frequent collaborator with numerous artists. He's shared stages with Vanilla Ice, Fat Trel, Papoose, Twiztid, and Lil Wyte, to name just a few, and now he's stepping out on his own and moving into solo territory. Music videos for his spotlight singles "Side Tracked" "Therapy" "Hate On Me Now" & more from his most recently released mixtape State Streets are on the way! Vane's album "Alaska Road Side A" featuring Chino XL, also released November of 2017.

Awful Sal was born in Manassas, VA on January 8, 1990 as Salvador edmundo Retana. He began recording music at the age of 21 and has been nonstop since. Constantly networking and perfecting his passions, Awful Sal is focused, happy and keeps a positive outlook on his future. As do most artistic beings Sal began using music to express himself in an up building and constructive way. Incorporating his passions for poetry, creative writing, acting and entertaining into his music is just the perfect puzzle piece for an outstanding master project. He uses his smooth voice with sharp lines and intertwines them with hip hop, lyricism and breath control. "Everyone is my demographic." he says. This is such an easy target to reach and maintain because Awful Sal carries himself in such a positive light that people navigate towards him.

"Mr. Monday Night, which is the most fitting title for this entertainers upcoming album will release in early 2018.

Paul Spires (aka JusPaul) is a multitalented singer/songwriter who has been performing on stages since age 11. At a very young age his musical abilities were recognized and nurtured. In middle school he flamed the mic as school champion battle rapper. His passion for music and talents led to formation of a rap group with friends in high school, He developed musically from Top Shelf Starz, performing as lead vocalist and songwriter to also performing lead vocals with young DMV artist, Devante Gardner. His musical development furthered into mentorship by legendary jazz-funk band, The Blackbyrds' member/songwriter Keith Killgo in high school and becoming the new male lead vocalist of the band. Paul has been actively and independently pursuing a music career that cannot be constricted to a genre identifiable box; thus his stage name and recently released self-titled EP.

Renegade is an upcoming artist that brings an emotional flow and great energy to every piece of product he has ever worked on. His name is self explanatory and the meaning of it is to be an outlaw which he feels he is to the music industry. He has come a long way growing up in Virginia. He was raised by his grandmother when both of his parents were incarcerated with a combined 18 years in Virginia. Through music he has created an outlet to express and explain a life story that may not be the worse but is one that those in similar situations can relate. At a very young age Renegade was influenced by his uncle who helped to raise him around the hip hop culture. He was only eleven years old when his uncle, also an artist would have friends over free styling or writing songs with studio monitors blasting. Renegade there catching on to every motion, delivery, and aggression over the years has helped him to develop. He has made a breakthrough as a young artist and is constantly working and performing at live events to improve and grow. Renegade believes that he is the piece that the game is missing. His hunger is great and he loves touching those whom can relate to his lyrical catalog. His mind set is on one thing and that is to win the hearts of those that share the same vision. He has perfected and modified the game completely. Be on the look out for the young artist who has been working hard to shine above the rest. Renegade refuses failure to be an option.

"This Is The Remix! Back 2 Back" ADST Music drops the remix to his second single "Back" featuring D.C. Flame Spitter and Visionary of Resurrecting Queenz Kenilworth Katrina. The follow up single after he sets the tone with "Good Lawd". Bar for bar Katrina laces intricate word play while bouncing over the hard hitting kicks, snares, and bass by ADST Music.

Whether it's a wedding or graduation party, a club in the inner city or a stadium packed with 10,000 screaming fans, TeEm Inc will deliver the best experience for your event!

In these times, a new era calls for a new kind of girl group. A group that combines the charm, charisma and extravagant style, of all the classic female groups, that came before, with each member's character showcasing the confidence and determination to solidify their mark in the future, all while making musical history. Truth be told, that new era has already begun. In the grand tradition of the great ones, we proudly present to you; Shabreia, Deja & Jahna collectively known as "MAIN GIRL".

Formed in 2009 "MAIN GIRL" boasts the talents of three talented young ladies; Shabreia, Deja & Jahna. All natives of the D.M.V. (DC/Maryland/Virginia), these ladies effortlessly blend the musical styles of Hip-Hop, Pop, Gospel, R&B and Jazz to create a little slice of heaven on earth, for your ears. Their sound as well as their look can be considered; sassy yet sexy, hot yet funky, down-to-earth and youthful, yet humble and mature.

That stature of maturity comes in handy for this trio when it comes to each member being able to live up to being a "MAIN GIRL". Giving up their personal lives, their many circles of friends, any semblance of a social life, and on frequent occasion, a good night's sleep, these girls remain committed to their music despite maintaining a grueling schedule, that would surely make music veterans shudder.

They realize that total dedication, ultimately is a must to achieving their dream and they continually put all other "extra things", except for their schooling, on the back burner. In many peoples' opinion, to have the god-given gift of "voice" is to ultimately be free. And to be able to sing extremely well, for these girls, is no different. Singing has become an outlet for "MAIN GIRL" to express themselves straight from their hearts. Whatever they are going through, collectively or individually, they always find a way to transfer and convey those raw emotions to their audience, through song.

"We consider ourselves the voice of the youth", says Deja. "Our songs are conversations that we have with our female & male friends, a/k/a our fans. It's like being on the phone or texting all our friends, all at the same time. Since we care about our friends we want to give them something that they can listen to that's positive, has meaning and will hopefully help them in their own lives. And by doing this we show them what being a "MAIN GIRL" is all about."

Main Girl has opened up for artists such as; Chris Brown, August Alsina, Trey Songz, J. Cole, Miguel, Teyana Tayloe, Jeremiah and many more. Main Girl was featured on Big Beat/Atlantic Records Dance Producer’s Spencer & Hill’s single “I Spy” which was released in 2012.

Main Girl was the "Rising Star" recipient at the 2015 Titan Arts Awards, 2014 Under Ground Awards "Next 2 Blow" winner, 2013 BET Blaze the Stage "Viewers Choice" winner for best performance, and also awarded the 2012 D.M.V. Best Female Group for the 2012 D.M.V. Entertainment Music Awards.

With their career on the rapid incline, Main Girl is ready to show the world why they deserve the crown of the Next Big Female Group! Welcome to MAIN GIRL world!