Paul Spires (aka JusPaul) is a multitalented singer/songwriter who has been performing on stages since age 11. At a very young age his musical abilities were recognized and nurtured. In middle school he flamed the mic as school champion battle rapper. His passion for music and talents led to formation of a rap group with friends in high school, He developed musically from Top Shelf Starz, performing as lead vocalist and songwriter to also performing lead vocals with young DMV artist, Devante Gardner. His musical development furthered into mentorship by legendary jazz-funk band, The Blackbyrds' member/songwriter Keith Killgo in high school and becoming the new male lead vocalist of the band. Paul has been actively and independently pursuing a music career that cannot be constricted to a genre identifiable box; thus his stage name and recently released self-titled EP.

Renegade is an upcoming artist that brings an emotional flow and great energy to every piece of product he has ever worked on. His name is self explanatory and the meaning of it is to be an outlaw which he feels he is to the music industry. He has come a long way growing up in Virginia. He was raised by his grandmother when both of his parents were incarcerated with a combined 18 years in Virginia. Through music he has created an outlet to express and explain a life story that may not be the worse but is one that those in similar situations can relate. At a very young age Renegade was influenced by his uncle who helped to raise him around the hip hop culture. He was only eleven years old when his uncle, also an artist would have friends over free styling or writing songs with studio monitors blasting. Renegade there catching on to every motion, delivery, and aggression over the years has helped him to develop. He has made a breakthrough as a young artist and is constantly working and performing at live events to improve and grow. Renegade believes that he is the piece that the game is missing. His hunger is great and he loves touching those whom can relate to his lyrical catalog. His mind set is on one thing and that is to win the hearts of those that share the same vision. He has perfected and modified the game completely. Be on the look out for the young artist who has been working hard to shine above the rest. Renegade refuses failure to be an option.

Lucas McCormick is from Washington, DC. He has been performing since 2009 as iLL mc or Ghetto Messiah. "If not me then who? If not now then when?" were the huge inspiring words of artist T.I. The artist was explaining that the trouble he got into pushed him into a role to help people in life. iLL MC is heavily influenced through this quote. He's a true music fan and listens to all genres of music. His favorite artists range from County, Pop, rap, hip hop and reggae. This diversity is not hidden in his work.

Music began to take presidence when he realized that his current position had no statistical possible future. iLL MC invested in himself by taking his income from his situation and putting it into his true lifeform. He jokingly calls this "the cliche gangsta rapper move." "This nine to five life is too predictabe" says the artist. This sincere passion and focus without a doubt has a viable future.

With job experiences ranging from retail to armored truck to non profit, iLL MC does not fall short of creatively incorporating real life into his craft. Currently taking care of his parents as the breadwinner of the home iLL MC is constantly changing for the better. He is always practicing and listening to his own music daily. He can honestly say that he knows all of his songs. Performances under his belt are all around the city of Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and New York. He has featured at many venues in Washington D.C on the spoken word scene as well showcasing his hobby for poetry. A third project is underway with a new approach to advertising. Expanding on marketing and branding you will soon see iLL MC everywhere that music is.

In the pursuit of community service he is nothing short of his goal to " help my community significantly." Assisting in non profit organizations, events and campaigns this goal- getter targets the inner city audience. He is making music with a message for an audience that he can relate with. At the young age of twenty-six, he's capturing your attention with his all around personality and narrating that into musical poetry. iLL MC wants to share the untold story of his Washingtonian home. Quoted at saying "I am a walking talking history lesson in a city in transition." iLL MC has a promising positive attitude and receives that back in full. The quote that he says best describes himself and his music are by Anthony Douglas Williams.

— 'Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living.'

Singer, songwriter and music producer Damiko Starr born Marcus Whitsey has loved music from as far back as his memory will take him. Damiko Starr was introduced to music as a relaxation tool. He would fall asleep to records played by his father when he was a child. This peace of mind and calming feeling came from these old school R&B records (which helped inspire his soulful R&B sound). His older brother could sing and a young, shy Damiko Starr was a little envious of the attention that his brother received. Damiko Starr used this emotion as motivation and whenever an opportunity presented itself where he could sing in front of an audience, no matter the size he seized it. Growing up in an extremely musical household, Damiko Starr learned at an early age the profound effect that music has on people. If you're sad music can make you happy. If you are angry music can calm you down. Music became a part of him. Music was now a positive outlet for every emotion experienced. Real life lyrics combined with catchy, group like harmonies, make for the unique Damiko Starr sound.

Coming up in the era of male groups such as Hi Five, New Edition, Troop, Boyz II Men, Jodeci, Dru Hill and 112 influenced Damiko Starr's career moves. He said, "A group brings a different element that a solo artist can't provide." However after years of being a part of the R&B group “V.I.P”, Damiko Starr wanted to pursue his solo career. As a solo artist he saw that there's a creative process of self-expression incomparable to the group settings that he'd come accustom. His heart and mind freely illuminate his passion and love for the craft.

Amongst other career choices such as being a carpenter and HVAC tech nothing has been as satisfying as music. Set to attract the masses this heartfelt songwriter serenades us with love, hurt and pain in the debut single 'Bitter', releasing in May 2017. Damiko Starr's music is a rare form, with raw and relatable lyrics. Delivered as real R&B his music is made for that soulful audience but appeals to all music lovers. With all of the emotion portrayed in his music, you are not just listening to his music; you are actually experiencing his music. It envelops you and takes you along for the ride. His debut album is scheduled to release in the late summer/early fall of 2017. Music videos are underway as well. This talented producer also takes credit for co-writing and producing "Turning Away' from Bryan Andrew Wilson’s, The One Percent album. He is practicing, writing and building his song catalog daily, so that nothing but perfection will hit the streets and the hands of true music fans.

"There's nothing else in the world that I'd rather be doing," he expresses. “My greatest desire is to touch people through music. Whenever someone is listening to my music, whether it be live or recorded, I want them to be uplifted. If I can help change their mood or make them feel better about whatever they may be going through, I feel I've done my job. Music is my passion and I love sharing the gift that I was given."

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In these times, a new era calls for a new kind of girl group. A group that combines the charm, charisma and extravagant style, of all the classic female groups, that came before, with each member's character showcasing the confidence and determination to solidify their mark in the future, all while making musical history. Truth be told, that new era has already begun. In the grand tradition of the great ones, we proudly present to you; Shabreia, Deja & Jahna collectively known as "MAIN GIRL".

Formed in 2009 "MAIN GIRL" boasts the talents of three talented young ladies; Shabreia, Deja & Jahna. All natives of the D.M.V. (DC/Maryland/Virginia), these ladies effortlessly blend the musical styles of Hip-Hop, Pop, Gospel, R&B and Jazz to create a little slice of heaven on earth, for your ears. Their sound as well as their look can be considered; sassy yet sexy, hot yet funky, down-to-earth and youthful, yet humble and mature.

That stature of maturity comes in handy for this trio when it comes to each member being able to live up to being a "MAIN GIRL". Giving up their personal lives, their many circles of friends, any semblance of a social life, and on frequent occasion, a good night's sleep, these girls remain committed to their music despite maintaining a grueling schedule, that would surely make music veterans shudder.

They realize that total dedication, ultimately is a must to achieving their dream and they continually put all other "extra things", except for their schooling, on the back burner. In many peoples' opinion, to have the god-given gift of "voice" is to ultimately be free. And to be able to sing extremely well, for these girls, is no different. Singing has become an outlet for "MAIN GIRL" to express themselves straight from their hearts. Whatever they are going through, collectively or individually, they always find a way to transfer and convey those raw emotions to their audience, through song.

"We consider ourselves the voice of the youth", says Deja. "Our songs are conversations that we have with our female & male friends, a/k/a our fans. It's like being on the phone or texting all our friends, all at the same time. Since we care about our friends we want to give them something that they can listen to that's positive, has meaning and will hopefully help them in their own lives. And by doing this we show them what being a "MAIN GIRL" is all about."

Main Girl has opened up for artists such as; Chris Brown, August Alsina, Trey Songz, J. Cole, Miguel, Teyana Tayloe, Jeremiah and many more. Main Girl was featured on Big Beat/Atlantic Records Dance Producer’s Spencer & Hill’s single “I Spy” which was released in 2012.

Main Girl was the "Rising Star" recipient at the 2015 Titan Arts Awards, 2014 Under Ground Awards "Next 2 Blow" winner, 2013 BET Blaze the Stage "Viewers Choice" winner for best performance, and also awarded the 2012 D.M.V. Best Female Group for the 2012 D.M.V. Entertainment Music Awards.

With their career on the rapid incline, Main Girl is ready to show the world why they deserve the crown of the Next Big Female Group! Welcome to MAIN GIRL world!